About  the Trail

South West Queensland is home to substantial Indigenous cultural heritage, Indigenous healing places, undisturbed natural bushlands, lagoos, wildlife and ancient waterways. Many Indigenous groups have been caring for country for hundreds of years, and in the last few decades, recording and preserving sites, stories and heritage, through documentation and the creation of Indigenous literature, art, dance and artifacts. 


The South West Indigenous Cultural Trail (SWQICT) is a collaborative project between the Surat Aboriginal Corporation (SAC), the University of Southern Queensland Community Futures team and the local stakeholders of each community, to record and interpret Aboriginal heritage in South West Queensland. Funded by the Regional Economic Diversification Programme, the project has enabled communities to build on their local knowledge, celebrate and share Indigenous culture and has produced many health and well-being benefits to both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike, as part of a wider economic social and cultural initiative.
Looping from  Dirranbandi to St George and Surat, to Roma, Mitchell and Charleville, then through Cunnamulla back to St George, the trail comprises a number of different cultural heritage sites across seven towns which hold significant meaning to the local Indigenous people. It is a network of Indigenous groups, each with their own amazing sites, stories, healing places and creative energies.

A video created by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) about a special Indigenous woman, whose passion to see her culture shared and preserved, led to the conceptualisation of the Trail, can be found on the USQ website https://www.usq.edu.au/research/cultural-heritage-archaeology/cultural-trail