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When it rains, the country around Mitchell is a soft green, the plant and animal life abundant.  Flowering trees and shrubs, foraging emus, the prehistoric ungainliness of bush turkeys and varied flocks of birds contribute to a noisy, fragrant and lively landscape. The richness of this country is reflected in the Gunggari artwork and signage along the Yumba Interpretive Trail to the east of the town. Here you can follow a bush path alongside the river marked by a series of bough sheds, lean-tos made of branches that each represents one of the yurdis, or totems, of the Gunggari people - Didhayn (Koala), Ulldi (carpet snake), Marul (sand goanna), Mapiyal (platypus), Baruda (red kangaroo), Guya (yellow belly fish), Warramba (long neck turtle) - that link the people with their country..............(click to continue)


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