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SAC brings Outback Queensland’s Inaugural Indigenous Tourism Event to Roma

Celebrated and shared cultural tourism experiences in Outback Queensland that excites, inspires and strengthens interest in Indigenous culture, is Surat Aboriginal Corporations (SAC) vision for the inaugural Bamba Gii Festival to be held in Roma in 2021.

As Outback Queensland's premier Indigenous tourism event, the festival is set to be an authentic, unique and exciting cultural tourism experience for families, both young and old alike.

SAC Manager, Jessica Walsh, said the inclusive, one-day biennial Festival will provide attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in Indigenous knowledge, creativity and practice; experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of ancient customs and traditions.

Through hands-on activities including workshops, interactive stalls, storytelling, performances, cultural tours, demonstrations and a concert showcasing Indigenous talent, the Bamba Gii Festival will create memorable experiences as Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, connect, share and celebrate Indigenous culture in a vibrant, family friendly, inclusive environment,” Jessica said.

With Queensland already home to world-class Indigenous tourism experiences, the innovative and exciting Bamba Gii Festival will add depth to the list of must attend festivals in Queensland; celebrating and sharing Indigenous culture, distinctively found in South West Queensland.

Jessica further stated that the The Bamba Gii Festival was conceptualised to honour Surat Aboriginal Corporation's founder, Angie Walsh and is a testament to her tireless work and passion surrounding the preservation and sharing of Indigenous culture.

“The festival name means ‘Strong Heart’ and was chosen as it perfectly encapsulates the person Angie was.

“She loved learning all she could about her culture and committed much of her adult life to ensuring it was not lost but shared and celebrated,” said Jessica.

Alongside a unique and memorable tourism experience, the Festival is a platform to grow awareness and interest around the ‘South West Queensland Indigenous Cultural Trail’ and the authentic Indigenous cultural experiences available in surrounding Indigenous communities.

Although initially planned for 2020, the Festival’s postponement until 2021 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) will allow for an even bigger and better event.

For more information or to be involved in the Festival, please contact Jessica at the Surat Aboriginal Corporation on 4626 5288.

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