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Through the eyes of our Elders: Video Cultural Tour of the Mundy / Cleven Camp, Surat

The interpretive shelter and humpy replica that stands beside the Balonne River, just outside Surat is a place of great significance to the Mundy and Cleven families. It is a living memory in which family members return to often, to reminisce and find peace in the beautiful surroundings.

As the original humpies and everyone’s possessions that once stood on the site, were bulldozed into the river bank in 1969 (when the families moved into town) the interpretive shelter and replica humpy that now stands, not only visualises both families’ history and presence; representing their stories, culture and commemorations, but also empowers the passing of knowledge and heritage from one generation to the next.

Although the living conditions they resided in on the site, were barely comprehensible to many non-Indigenous people in Australia at that time, the site is, and always will be immensely important to the families.

The site truly connects both the past and present which can be seen in this video, as Elders, Kathy Mundy and May Cleven take Jess (Kathy’s niece) and Chloe (May’s granddaughter) on a cultural tour of the Mundy / Cleven Camp, sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences for us all to embrace, commemorate and learn from.

Thank you, Kathy and May, for sharing your time and invaluable, heart-warming memories and knowledge. We hope everyone who view’s this video enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it.

For more information about the Mundy / Cleven Camp click here or contact the Surat Aboriginal Corporation on 4626 5288.

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